Parichay- Newer, Fresher, Better!
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  • August 28, 2012
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After a nine year leap on the show, Parichay looks newer, fresher and younger. The show that was trying to break-free from the whole rigmarole of conspiracies, court-cases and convicts, before the leap can breath easy with the new storyline and added characters. It has taken the plot to a new level, where the characters are the same but now will connect with the audience better.

Before the leap, the audience was exposed to all the ups and downs, emotions and situation that each character went though but the leap will now allow to put the situations in a different order.

Actor Samir Soni, who plays the lead role of Kunal Chopra in the show feels that it's actually the the character that remains in the audience's memory more than the story.

Now the question is, will the show be able to establish a connect with the audience? Well, Colors feel that the new and fresh storyline will give chance to the existing characters to challenge themselves and the new entrants will give the story a fresh perspective, where Siddhi and Kunal will still be the focus of the show and Aruna Irani and Mahesh Shetty with the Twins will keep bringing newness to the plot.

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