Parmeet to be Bani’s NRI groom?
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Since the time Desho has decided to marry Bani in a NRI family, our Punjabi kudi has been going through hell and how! First when Amrik’s family came to see Bani, Rajji managed to convince him to not marry her sister but ended up getting herself entangled in the situation. Later, on the occasion of Baisakhi it was decided that Rajji and Amrik’s wedding will take place in 15 days but Desho threw in a googly and took an oath to marry Bani too in the same mandap as Rajji!

Now when such a big promise has been made, Desho had to stand by her words and hence began the scout for a rich NRI. Meanwhile, Sarabjeet found about Sohum’s feelings and was all ready to talk it out with his wife but at the end moment Desho made the big announcement. 

Apparently, Desho has found a perfect NRI groom for Bani in the form of Parmeet. In recent episodes we saw the introduction of Parmeet’s Dadaji played by Puneet Issar. His character is the kind of person to whom the villagers come for advice and he portrays to be in support of women equality. But in reality, he believes that women are only meant to do household chores and aren’t of the same level.

Now when the patriarch of the family has such backward views we wonder how Parmeet would turn out to be. Dadaji has given his approval to see Bani and till now Desho has seen Parmeet’s picture but his entry is yet to happen. We hope that this Parmeet turns out to be a nice person with whom our Bani will be happy in future. 

While another problem is about to crop up when in the upcoming episodes Sohum and Parmeet’s family both will reach Bani’s house to offer their marriage proposals. Now whom will Bani choose is the biggest question and will Rajji once again interfere try to stop Parmeet’s family? Keep watching this space for more updates! 


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