Prem promises to protect Janhvi: Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 7th to 13th August
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Prem was devastated by Mataji’s revelation and couldn’t stop thinking about how his whole life with the Bharadwaj family had been a lie. Simar tried consoling him but a heartbroken Prem left the house (Watch the scene here)

The whole family was distressed about Prem’s disappearance, and the men of the family left to look for him on Mataji’s request. Shobha and Janhvi accused Mataji of faking her concern for Prem and decided that they would take Prem away from the family. Prem was wandering on the road, lost in thoughts when he met with an accident. (Watch the scene here)

The next day, the whole family defended Mataji when Janhvi threatened to get Mataji arrested for her father’s murder. She also revealed how she had to live in an orphanage because of Shobha’s mental illness. The family was shocked when Janhvi revealed that she had kidnapped Roli and tortured her, and Siddhant reacted by grabbing Janhvi’s throat! (Watch the scene here)

Roli somehow managed to get Siddhant to calm down, and Janhvi again threatened him that she was stronger since her brother Prem was with her. Just as the family was thinking about registering a missing complaint, and injured Prem walked in. But when Sujata showed her worry for him, he blew her off and declared that he had no relation with any of the Bharadwaj family members, and that he had lost his identity because of them. (Watch Prem’s declaration here)

Simar tried to console Prem and Roli tried her best to convince the family that Prem would come back to them after his anger calmed down. Janhvi and Shobha were very happy to see this rift, and Shobha even went up to Prem and expressed her happiness at meeting her grandson. But she was taken aback when Prem stopped her from insulting Mataji, saying that she was still his Mataji. 

The family decided to bring their Prem back to them, but were in for a shock when the police barged in to arrest Mataji for Shakti’s murder on Janhvi’s complaint. The whole family wanted to stop the police but Mataji agreed to be arrested as she had hurt Shobha’s family. But Prem, who had not come to Mataji’s help before, sent the police away on the assurance that the complaint would be withdrawn. (Watch as Prem saves Mataji)

Mataji was shaken by the incident, and the family again rallied around her and supported her. Mataji went to Shobha’s room and apologized for her deeds, but Shobha was in no mood to forgive, and reminded Mataji about how she lost her family forever. But when Prem walked into the room, she burst into tears and pretended as if Mataji was throwing her out of the house. (Watch Shobha’s drama here)

Sujata tried to convince Prem of her love for him, but was heartbroken when Prem told her that all her love for him couldn’t change the truth. Siddhant was offended over this statement and had an argument with Prem about him rejecting the family’s love. 

On Raksha Bandhan, Janhvi tied a rakhi ro Prem, and asked Prem to always protect her and take care of her in every situation, trapping Prem in her emotional spiel. 

Janhvi and Shobha were plotting to destroy the family, and to that end, Shobha also spoke sweetly to Simar when she invited them for dinner. Simar was worried about Shobha striking down every effort of Mataji to bring together the two families.

Has Janhvi managed to get Prem on her side? Or will the Bharadwaj family manage to win back their adopted son? 

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