Radha backs out of the plan #Madhubala 4th July, 2013
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Radha comes to Sultan’s house and Madhu urges her to speak the truth. Radha tells Sultan that she’s ready to pay for Meer’a full treatment and that’s the maximum she can do for a woman who is trying to malign her husband’s name. Madhu is shocked to see Radha backing out of the plan and Sultan gets irritated.

At the mansion, Madhu question Radha as to why she didn’t speak the truth in front of Sultan. Radha advises her to keep mum and especially not tell RK anything about it. Madhu listens to her but thinks how to hide it from RK. When he meets her on stairs and asks if anything is wrong, Madhu is unable to say anything.

Dipali too goes to question Radha but the latter adamantly tells her to not speak up the truth else she will throw her out of the house.  Dipali is shocked to hear the threat.

At night, RK is packing for his outdoor shoot and keeps talking about great a husband is father was. Madhu feels stressed on listening to his words but remembers her promise to Radha and keeps quiet.

In the morning Roma comes to meet Madhu and RK tells her that he’s leaving for outdoor shoot. Radha asks Madhu to go along with RK and she will be fine alone. Madhu wonders why Radha wants her to go.


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