Raghu slaps Dhanak?
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Tonight, on Gathbandhan, Raghu steps forward and asks Dhanak for grahapravesh. On hearing this, Dhanak requests for some time. Later, she learns that maayi has stolen money from mandir's daanpeti but is unable to prove it. What could she do to prove it?



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Going forward, Dhanak comes back to Raghu with a condition. She says that she will enter the house only if he asks his mother to leave. On hearing this, Raghu slaps Dhanak and walks away with mixed emotions. How will he tell maayi about this? The next day, we see Dhanak entering Raghu’s house. What according to you caused a change of mind? How will Raghu react to this? Tune in to Gathbandhan from Monday to Friday at 9 pm to find out more. In the meantime, here’s a small glimpse of what’s in store for you!





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