Ramleela and Dussehra confessions! #Day 18, Synopsis
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The housemates wake up on a wonderful Dussehra morning to the track – ‘Kisme kitna hai dum’. They are seen waking up and wishing each other a Happy Dussehra. Niketan & Sampat are seen discussing last night’s laughter explosion that irritated Sampat to some extent. Niketan almost turns a deaf ear to her & walks into the house.
Aseem is seen lying down on the grass in the garden area and singing away to glory. Karishma and the rest of the housemates enjoy this silly act and share a hearty laugh over it. After sometime, Aashka, Urvashi, Sampat and Vrajesh are seen in the kitchen area where Sampat gets a little emotional and tells everyone to keep in touch with her via letters once they get evicted. The others oblige her by their assurance to stay in touch. 
The biggest gossip from the house however is that Sidhu is seen talking with Urvashi, Rajev, Vrajesh & Aashka in the living area about his murder case back in 1987. The renowned cricketer explained in detail as to how someone tried to trick him into this case. He expressed his innocence and how consequences finally worked in his favor. It was apparently a few months before the West Indies tour. The housemates were deeply engrossed in the story as Sidhu described the entire incident thoroughly.
Post this, Bigg Boss announces the Captain nominations. An open nominations round begins and the housemates select one eligible captain based on majority. A new Captain is announced and the rest of the housemates congratulate the new captain. 
Rajev is then seen with Delnaaz having a conversation about his chances of surviving the coming week’s eviction. Vrajesh is seen with Delnaaz discussing the plan for the evening. He suggests that the housemates should enact the famous Ramleela to enhance the feel of this lovely festival. The store room bell rings, and Aseem goes inside to find a pleasant surprise for all the housemates. Bigg Boss has sent in a Dussehra hamper for the housemates. There is also a white board along with the hamper. All the housemates assemble around the kitchen area and open the hamper. They jump with joy as goodies like rasgulla, coffee etc are present. The housemates thank Bigg Boss and Vrajesh starts deputing roles to each of the housemates for the upcoming play by writing it on the white board. 

Sidhu is seen with Sampat in the garden area. Sampat feels that she is changing as a person inside the Bigg Boss house. Sidhu consoles her and tells her to just be herself and not worry too much. After sometime, Vrajesh leads the rest of the housemates with his narration to the play ‘Ramleela’. As Vrajesh narrates, one by one the housemates perform their given roles with much expression, dedication and passion. The housemates put up a fantastic show with frequent self-made innovations to the script.
After this, Bigg Boss sends in a surprise letter into the house. The letter asks the housemates to confess anything they like to the other housemates as ‘Dussehra’ is the best day to let go of one’s evils. The housemates sit besides the three monkeys and confess their small lies etc to the rest of the housemates. Feeling good and relieved after the heart to heart talks, the confession session ends. The night, however has a bizarre end as Rajev walks into the glass door and damages his nose quite roughly. The housemates help him with a band aid etc. and go to sleep.


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