Ranbir brings twinkle in Isha’s eyes!
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  • September 14, 2012
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Isha's injury has been a major concern for everyone on JHalak. While, Madhuri could not believe that something so unfortunate could happen to the best dancer on Jhalak just when only three weeks were left, her fellow contestants are constantly praying for her speedy recovery.

Even Isha's attachment with the show has become so strong that despite the strict instructions by the doctor to rest and not perform, she could not stop herself from coming to the Jhalak each week and when she heard that Ranbir was coming on the show, she was headstrong about being there. 

After seeing everybody getting a warm hug from the Rockstar, Isha's heart started thumping harder and she kept repeating, “I am also a big fan of his.” Well, we all know that Ranbir is a Lady's man and he never lets any woman down, he gave a long warn hug to isha and complimented her dressing sense by pointing out how her dress was colour co-ordinated with her bandage.

Taking her wish ahead Ranbir brought twinkle in isha's eyes as he did a little ball dance with her and turned the sulking expression on her face to a sparkling smile.

Though Isha won't be able to perform this week as well, but Ranbir cheered her up by living up to the theme of his upcoming movie, “Don't worry, Be Barfi!”

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