Read this, if you missed the first episode of ‘Dil Se Dil Tak’
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The story begins with Parth and Shorvari, shown as a married couple madly in love with each other. The duo is seen romancing in the morning, with the background song ‘Ae udi udi udi’. Later the entire Bhanushali family is seen gathering outside the house to celebrate Janmashtami. Slowly, the extended family gives the introduction. The family has a special way to celebrate the occasion with a huge swing decorated and kept outside.





However, the moment Parth and Shorvari arrive the scene there are mixed and matched reactions of the family members. Clearly evident, that the two haven’t been accepted as husband and wife even after two years of marriage. The head of the family i.e. Parth’s grandfather holds a lot of anguish against this marriage and has not been able to forgive them. There is a flashback shown, wherein two years back one fine day Parth declared that he wanted to marry a girl of his choice who happened to work in the same firm where the Bhanushali’s were the owners. The family shocked at this disapproved the match; however Parth said he wouldn’t break the trust of the girl because that is what was taught to him by his grandfather.





Hearts full of respect and love for the family the duo feels saddened. Even after trying hard they haven’t been able to win their hearts. After two years of struggles, Parth and Shorvari are asked to leave the house and go. Parth’s mother blames Shorvari for everything and even curses that the way she has taken away her son from her; she will face a similar situation someday.





As they leave the house in a car, there is an accident. Next scene shows Shorvari waking up in the Bhanushali house and asks how they came back, and very importantly it is also revealed that she is pregnant.





Parth and Shorvari are seen looking into each other’s eyes and smile knowing this.

What happens next?

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