Recap: Mohan comes back after 12 years of separation
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The much anticipated sequel of popular show Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuchh Kaha began with Nanhi reminiscing about the key moments from the first season. 

In the next scene there is a wedding, where a step-father is marrying off his step-daughter to an old man for a liquor license. But a reporter, dressed as an old woman, does a sting operation with the help of a boy on the step-father to stop the wedding. 

At the Vyas house, Renu is looking at photographs of prospective brides for Tanu just as he comes on screen, narrating the stepfather's evil-doings. The female reporter joins in, describing how step-fathers are always evil. As Renu increases the volume of the music, Megha tries to drown out the sound of the reporter by dancing till her ghungroos break. Bela Jiji comes and calms Megha down. 

The scene cuts to a football ground where Mohan is playing football along with demanding an apology from the female reporters' editor for demonizing step-fathers on call. He then spoke to someone on call and promised to bring ghungroos for them. The female reporter refused to apologize to Mohan, and quit the job. 

Mohan came home and brought the ghungroos but it wasn't Megha but a young girl who hugged him at the door. On the other hand, Megha hugged the female reporter, who turned out to be Nanhi.

The next day, Nanhi went to the mandir and declared that she hated Mohan for hurting Megha. In Bhopal, Mohan was still adamant about getting an apology from the news editor for Nanhi's stepfather dig. Rimjhim, Mohan's daughter, asks him what a stepfather is, but Mohan sidelines the issue, after which Rimjhim leaves for her dance lessons but the dance teacher leaves, declaring that Rimjhim can't dance. So, in turn, Rimjhim makes Mohan wear the ghungroos and dance with her!

In Indore, Renu taunts Nanhi about becoming a reporter like Mohan who ended up deserting them. Mohan, on the other hand, remembers Megha when Rimjhim asks him about her mother. But Nanhi and Megha have no pleasant memories of Mohan, as Megha asks Nanhi to forget him, which Nanhi refuses to do. Even Guru asks Mohan not to torture himself over Megha, and focus on Rimjhim instead. 

Nanhi and Megha patch up their differences and Nanhi promises to get a job. Mohan too, gets a job offer in Indore which he refuses but he confesses to Guru that he wants to go to Indore to fulfil his promise, much to Guru's chagrin. Megha makes a trip to the police station to enquire about Addu but has to return empty handed, just as Mohan calls the police station to ask the same thing. 

Nanhi is looking for a job, when she meets a girl who wants to do a sting operation on a woman asking for dowry. Nanhi and Tanu set up the sting operation but are shocked when Renu turns up and asks for a hefty dowry, and the sting operation fails

Renu got another chance to berate Nanhi when Nanhi tried explaining the evils of dowry to her. Megha was hurt because of Renu's comments and silently went to her room, where she remembered her past with Mohan

Nanhi went to the Aawaz India office to ask for a job, and co-incidentally the owner of the channel, Anupama wanted Mohan to take over as the Editor-in-chief. While Mohan refused, Nanhi barged in on Anupama and demanded a job, which Anupama gave her considering her enthusiasm to work. 

Mohan got called to Rimjhim's school where the principal complained about Rimjhim's low grades. But Rimjhim got away with her charm. But this triggered Addu's memory where Mohan had slapped Addu for calling him his step-father. On the other hand, Nanhi remembered the same episode and was worried about 18th January, as that was the date that Addu went missing. Megha pleaded with her to forget the date and Mohan, but Nanhi refused to stop hating him. 18th January was also Rimjhim's birthday, and Mohan and Guru celebrated it with Rimjhim. As Rimjhim hunted for her gift, she found Addu's photograph, and asked Mohan about him. 

On 18th January, Megha and Mohan both shed tears for Addu, and remembered their happy times together. Mohan felt guilty that he had failed Megha and the kids. At breakfast the next day, Mohan found that a piece of the newspaper was torn. He found that Guru had purposely torn a news article about a boy missing from Indore station. 

Co-incidentally, Nanhi got the same story as her first assignment. Mohan left for Indore to follow-up on the story and when Guru tried to stop him, he slapped him! 

Mohan said he wanted to make amends to what he had done and left. On the way he reminisced about the day Addu went missing from Indore station, after threatening to run away from Mohan.

Megha, Mohan and Nanhi searched for Addu all over the station, but couldn't find him. When Mohan promised Nanhi that he would find him, Nanhi accused him of hating and purposefully losing Addu. Mohan also remembers Megha's depression on losing Addu and her regret about marrying Mohan

Mohan then promised her that he would leave and return only when he found Addu. Lost in all these thoughts, Mohan arrives at Indore station, where Megha is already present to pick up Jiji. 

Mohan gets down at Indore station after 12 years and narrowly misses seeing Megha and Nanhi. At Mohan’s house, Rimjhim found out that Mohan had left without informing her and burst into tears. As soon as Mohan reached Indore, he started his investigation into the case of the missing boy who was found, Raghu. Nanhi was already there, interviewing the boy and his family. Raghu's father interrupted the interview and took Nanhi outside, giving time for Mohan to talk to Raghu about his disappearance. Nanhi finished her story and showed it to Anupama, who loved it and gave her a permanent position on her staff.  

With Mohan back in Indore, chances are that he’ll confront Megha and Nanhi sooner or later. What will happen when they come face to face? Wait and watch.

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