Rising Star comes as a hope for aspiring singers
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  • February 18, 2017
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  • 2:58 pm

Rising Star is the first LIVE singing reality show on Indian television which is making the aspiring singers believe that dreams definitely come true and that, one doesn’t need to depend on fate for things to happen if one has dedication and efforts. The show is giving an amazing opportunity for all the wishful singers, who have lived all their lives dedicating to music make the utmost of this given chance!

IMG_4209Singing is a wonderful art, most of the times people express how singing is reflection of what they are. That’s how we, the listeners can sense if he or she was truly soulful while singing. Singing can release the stress and put oneself at ease, singing is magic which can actually melt hearts, move the souls and do wonders that plain words can’t!


Hence, a show like ‘Rising Star’ takes great pride in promoting such an art that is absolutely unadulterated, and especially through digital technologies; is reaching out to farthest places in India where people before never thought things were possible.

Stay tuned coming weekend at 9 PM to watch some more great singers perform!

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