RK and Madhu prepare to begin a new life! Weekly Update – 24th to 28th Dec
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The week began with Madhu coming face-to-face with Balraj, her real father but both don’t recognize each other. RK comes in and scolds Balraj for his conflict with Madhu and asks him to leave. You can watch this father-daughter’s confrontation right here!

Next day RK invites Madhu to the sets to celebrate the completion of his five years in the film industry. Madhu brings in Radhaji along and requests RK to make her a part of the celebration. Listening to Madhu, RK cuts the cake and gives the first piece to his mother. Watch as RK takes blessings from his mother in this video.

Madhu is ecstatic to see that RK invited her parents, Shamsher and Padmini, to the event and thanks him for the same. But fate plays its game and Balraj reaches the venue to meet RK. Padmini feels his presence and looks around and in a scene we see that Padmini and Balraj almost come close to seeing each other! Watch if Padmini faced her past in this video!

While sitting at home, RK talks to Madhu about her parents’ relation and suggests that they should get them married so they can take care of each other once they go away. Madhu gets upset over RK’s suggestion and walks out of the room. Next morning too, Madhu ignores RK and this angers him all the more! Watch as RK and Madhu have their first marital fight!

Balraj, once again comes to pester RK and getting irritated with his antics, RK gives him the movie and makes him sign the papers. Once the deal is sealed, Balraj demands to see the heroine. RK and Bittuji show him Trishna from afar but due to bad lights, Balraj is unable to see her face. Watch as Balraj signs Trishna as his heroine, not knowing that she’s his own daughter.

Madhu goes to meet her parents and sees them lovingly take care of each other’s needs. Looking at this Madhu realizes that RK’s suggestion could actually be worked on and decides to clear the matter with him. When she reaches home, she sees RK making an effort to talk to Radhaji about her health and this overwhelms her. When she tries to talk to him, RK doesn’t respond. Watch as Madhu tries to make up with RK.

Madhu hugs RK and apologizes for not understanding his concern. Both decide to make Shamsher and Padmini realize their love for each other and get them married before leaving off forever. RK requests Madhu to always support him unconditionally and confesses his insecurity over losing her. Watch as RK and Madhu look towards having a brighter future.

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