RK and Madhu ready to start a new life. Weekly Update – 14th Jan to 18th Jan
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In the beginning of the week Madhu overhears Deepali and RK’s conversation. RK tries to explain Madhu that he didn’t mean to hurt her but Madhu feels bad to know that RK was all this while testing her love. She admonishes him for not trusting her love and blames him for having no faith in anyone and questions his love for her. Watch their full conversation in this video.

RK leaves the house in agitation and while driving ponders over Madhu’s words. He starts to drink in anger and soon his car hits a tree. Watch as RK meets with an accident.

In the temple, Radhaji does puja on her first husband’s death anniversary. RK reaches there and confronts his mother. He questions her decision to marry Kukku Bhatia and confesses that he misses her. He finally calls her “Maa” leaving Radhaji overwhelmed. She feels happy to have her son back and thanks God for sending Madhu in their lives. She gives Madhu the whole credit for bringing her son back to her and explains RK how his wife has always tried to mend relations between the two. Watch as RK reconciles with his mother.

After hearing how Madhu helped him to come close to his mother, RK goes back home to ask forgiveness from Madhu. After seeing the blood on RK, Madhu instantly forgets everything and starts to take care of him. RK apologizes to Madhu for not understanding her love and she asks him to trust her. Watch as RK and Madhu solve their differences.

RK takes Madhu out and expresses his desire to complete seven pheras with her. They talk about starting a new life, leaving everything behind. Watch as RK and Madhu discuss the meaning of each vow and promise to be there for each other.

Preparations start for Padmini and Shamsher’s sangeet and RK decide to hold the ceremony in his house. Madhu takes his opinion on which sari to wear and both share a romantic moment in this sequence.

In the other room, Kukkuji is shown complaining to Radhaji about holding the ceremony at home and he throws the puja plate in anger. RK enters and asks Kukkuji to stay away from the ceremony. Watch this entire sequence right here.

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