RK confesses his Ishq and Junoon for Madhu! Weekly Update (10th -14th Dec)
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After an intense week which almost ended on a RK-Madhu kiss, this week started off with the hangover of that night out. RK and Madhu return home and on being questioned by Radhaji, they evade the matter and rush off to their room. Dipali, of course, senses that something has happened and decides to find out.

Madhu is eager to discuss the happenings in the studio but RK cracks a joke and defuses the tension. Before sleeping, Madhu invites RK to her mother's house for lunch. Watch as the two try to talk in this awkward situation right here!

The next morning while Madhu gets ready to visit her mother, RK’s longing stares flushes her and makes her leave in haste. Watch this romantic moment here.

At Padmini’s house, things get a little strained when Shamsher doesn’t want Madhu to know about their separation but Padmini doesn’t agree. Later Madhu reaches her mother's house and confesses to her that she's in love with RK and wants her to see how much he has changed. Watch as the mother and daughter bond in this video.

RK gets ready to leave for lunch when Dipali interrupts him. She tries to instigate him against Madhu and makes him believe that Madhu is in love with his image and not him. Watch as Dipali tries to fill RK's ears!

While Madhu waits for RK to show up, Trishna enters and curses Madhu. In a fit of rage she reveals that Padmini has left the house and is now living in Roma's room. Watch as Madhu gets shattered by Trishna's words.

When Madhu reaches home she comes to know that RK is missing. After searching high and low they find out that he has been in the farm house all this while. Watch what RK was doing in the farmhouse.

When Madhu is outside the farm house she meets RK. He tries to hide his feelings but gives up and finally confesses his love! Madhu is shocked to hear the words and asks RK to repeat them. Watch how Superstar RK expressed his feelings to his biwi Madhu!

She also confesses her love for him but RK keeps thinking about Dipali's words and asks Madhu to leave everything behind and to run away with him at that very moment. Madhu is stunned by the proposal! Watch what Madhu said in reply.

When RK sees her hesitating he feels hurt, and tells her how he knew she is only in love with his money and stardom and not in love with him. Madhu tries to explain but RK pays no heed and storms off.

So close, yet so far! Will RK give Madhu a chance to explain or will he turn in to his old self? Watch this week's episode of Madhubala to find out more!

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