RK doubts Madhu #Madhubala 20th August
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  • August 20, 2013
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Radha tells RK that Madhu still cares about him. Her care for the mangalsutra means there is 

something wrong which RK needs to figure out. RK thinks about it, meanwhile Madhu repairs 

the mangalsutra and wears it on her wrist and hides it with her bangles. Later in the night 

RK sees madhu wearing it on her wrist and now RK doubts Madhu. She tries her level best to 

build hatred in RK's heart and she gets Sultan's frame to put it on the wall and say that 

she needs her love around.Madhu feels terrible about what she said and RK breaks the 

frame.While having breakfast Madhu is not eating properly, out of concern Radha asks her if 

she wants something but madhu replies arrogantly and speaks to Radha very rudely and Radha 

is taken aback.

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