RK gives a surprise to Madhu #Madhubala, Wednesday, 7th August
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Rk gives her the feel of Switzerland. He takes her for a mock ride, snow falls, cold breeze rushes on her face. Madhu tells him to get flowers. RK leaves to get flowers for Madhu. She feels terrible as whatever they were imagining and discussing is what she wanted in her real life as well. She wants to have babies with RK, spend their entire life together in different circumstances.

Suddenly  Madhu sees sultan with a gun at the set and is shocked. Sultan tells her that he can't tolerate them spending time together like this. By the time RK is back and is shocked to see Sultan there. Sultan shoots RK and Madhu realised she was just imagining the entire thing. 

She tells RK she wants to go home. RK sees all his fan mails and he sees a special invite in those mails. He tells Madhu to get ready for the evening as it's a surprise for everyone. In the party a voice welcomes RK to the party. It is revealed that it is Shahrukh Khan talking and he welcomes RK and family.


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