RK in trouble #Madhubala 24th September
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It seems hardships are taking a toll on RK because now he decides to mortgage his house to get the bank loan. Amar behl very well playing his wicked cards warns the manager to think twice before granting RK the loan as he feels RK has gone broke and no one in the industry wants to work with him. The bank manager is thoughtful. Meanwhile in the house Madhu tries to reason with Pabbo that she will not tell Rk about the argument until and unless he probes her. Pabbo is shocked at her attitude. Roma introduces a girl as the lead for RK’s movie. Even before the new actress can get introduced to Mehul and RK, her mother comes in and irritates everyone with her banter. Though Mehul is against her, RK is easily impressed with this new girl and finalizes her as a lead. In the RK mansion Radha is working on the Ganpati festivities, and Deepali is in second thoughts so as to how Madhu will manage to impress Pabbo and everyone this time. Pabbo notices that Deepali is jealous of Madhu and enquires why?

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