RK-Madhu argue over Sultan #Madhubala 8th July, 2013
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In the beginning of the episode RK storms out of the room and asks Bittooji to call for a car. He packs up from the shoot and leaves. Madhu comes and stands in front of the car and doesn't let RK move forward forcing him to go to his room. Madhu follows him there too and questions him on he could ask her to choose between Sultan and him when he knows she’s left everything for him.

RK asks her what is bothering her but Madhu is still unable to say anything. RK walks out saying that it pinches him that she could go and share her problems with Sultan but she couldn't tell him in spite of asking.

Radha madly searches for Meera and Mohan's picture when the light goes off and Dipali comes to Radha and shows her the picture and asks if she is searching for it. Radha is shocked to see the picture with Dipali.

Madhu tries to pacify RK but he doesn’t respond and in between the shoot is halted because of power failure. Madhu asks RK to put red wire in the fuse whereas RK wants to put green but when some one suggests putting both the lights start working.

Dipali plays with the pictures saying that the man looks like Mohan Kundra but the woman is not her but Meera. On hearing this Radha get nervous.

Bittooji asks Madhu if anything is wrong but she goes to RK and says she has always been grateful for that studio night because it was that day she fell in love with him.

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