RK-Madhu spend quality time before wedding #Madhubala Weekly Update – 27th May to 1st June
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The week began with RK convincing Madhu that he has changed. Madhu still tries to justify that Sultan is only a friend but RK states he believes her completely and in any case no one has the right to love her more than him. Watch as RK makes Madhu trust him.

Radha comes to RK’s room to apply oil on Madhu’s hand and they both share a mother-daughter moment. RK teases them both on how much they can cry and Radha warns him that he can’t see his Biwi after haldi. On hearing this, RK becomes sad and challenges Madhu that he will apply haldi on her before the end of the day. Watch as Madhu accepts RK’s challenge.

Madhu takes Radhaji to an orphanage and asks her to spend time with kids and that would be the biggest gift from her for wedding. Radhaji willingly obliges and they distribute food among the kids. Sultan reaches there to talk to Madhu but before he could approach, RK makes an entry. Watch as Sultan attempts to talk to Madhu.

RK greets the kids and together with Madhu he donates a huge sum to the organization. Then on Madhu’s request he invites all the kids for their wedding. Watch as Madhu and RK spend time with kids from orphanage.

Madhu sews a button RK’s sherwani and complains that because of him she isn’t getting to get ready. RK steals an earring of hers and when Radhaji comes to ask for them he puts the blame on Madhu for making it late. While Madhu looks for her lost earring, RK comes and puts it on her and both share a romantic moment. Watch this sequence right here.

Haldi ceremony begins and RK makes attempts to put haldi on Madhu but each time she calls Radhaji to interfere. Radhaji applies haldi on Madhu and says she wants to fulfill all the duties of a mother since Padmini isn’t ready to come. Both share an emotional moment as RK looks on. Watch Madhu’s haldi ceremony in this video.

Bittuji cries while applying haldi on RK and the latter teases him. RK then thanks him for staying by his side through everything and Bittuji reveals how it was Madhu who sent him back to be with him even when he had quit. Watch RK and Bittuji’s emotional conversation in this video.

Sultan calls on Madhu’s phone and Sikky receives it by mistake. He thinks it’s the jeweler and is about to keep when Dipali snatches it away. She understands it is Sultan on phone and informs him about when Madhu will be alone. Watch as Dipali tips off Sultan.

When Madhu goes upstairs, RK follows her and she tries to hide her face. She informs him that he lost the bet as he didn’t succeed in putting haldi on her but he reminds her of the morning when he put earring on her and how he put some haldi behind her ear. Watch as RK makes Madhu realize his win.

RK invites Neeta Lulla to design Madhu’s bridal outfit and she comes with the costumes. He makes her meet Radhaji and both check out the wedding outfit designed by the expert. Watch Madhu’s wedding attire in this video.

Bittuji throws RK a bachelor party and they both get drunk. Madhu goes to meet Radhaji in her room and massages her feet and thanks her for everything she’s doing. Sikky and Dipali come to the party and Dipali taunts RK on how she will prove that Madhu is lying. Watch RK’s bachelor party in this video.

After getting drunk, RK sneaks in Radhaji’s room to meet Madhu and she objects to it. He then makes her lie down and confesses he can’t sleep without seeing her face. Watch their intimate moment in this video.

Next morning the wedding rituals begin and RK sits in for the puja. When Radhaji is asked to put sehra to RK, he excuses himself for a minute and rushes to Madhu’s room. She chides him for breaking all rituals but RK insists on seeing her face to know if all this is real.  Watch as RK says three most beautiful words to Madhu.

Sultan sneaks into RK mansion and when the security questions him he pretends to be a jeweler. Dipali comes to know about it asks the guard to let him enter. Madhu feels bad for not telling RK the truth about she wanted to take revenge but now her heart is full of love for him. In the temple, RK and Radhaji are doing the puja and she ties a Raksha sutra on him. Watch as Sultan proceeds to talk to Madhu.

Will Sultan succeed in disrupting RK-Madhu’s wedding or will Madhu send him away? Keep watching this space to know more updates!

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