RK-Sultan confrontation #Madhubala 17th July, 2013
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Madhu convinces RK to overlook Sultan and whatever he said. Deepali tells Sultan that his plan has flopped but he is quite confident regarding his plan. RK wakes up early morning while Madhu is sleeping; he leaves to meet Sultan with his gun. Deepali sees him leaving the house and she immediately calls up Sultan to inform. Sultan tells her to execute the rest of the plan. 

Here RK is on his way, he is still thinking about everything that happened in his life because of Sultan and fuming in anger. RK reaches the place where Sultan had called Madhu. Deepali enters RK's room when Madhu is sleeping. She wakes her up and tells her that she saw RK going to meet Sultan. Madhu is shocked and is not ready to believe Deepali, She starts looking out for RK around and when she couldn't find him she calls up RK and finds his cell ringing right there. Now she gets worried and calls Bittooji.

Sultan vents all his frustration out. He says the name Kundra, his property, money, respect, he owns it all and not RK. RK tells him that I agree whatever happened because of my dad to you and your mother that shouldn't have happened. He also agrees to him owning all. But then RK says you can have everything that I own except for one thing and that is Madhu. He tells him proudly that Madhu loves him and how much ever hard he tries still he can never get her.

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