RK surrenders to the police #Madhubala 19th July, 2013
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RK and Madhu are traumatized when they realise that Sultan is dead. RK is broken as he never wanted to kill some one. They come home and everyone at home are shocked when RK tells them that he killed Sultan.Radha is unable to accept that her son killed Sultan. RK blames her for everything and Radha is shattered. That's when Madhu makes him realise that he did everything . He shouldn't have gone there at the first place. RK feels that Madhu is right and he immediately leaves to surrender himself at police station. 

At police station, the Jr. inspector is a big fan of RK and he thinks he has come to promote his next film. RK gets annoyed and surrenders himself for killing Sultan. A Sr. Inspector over hears the conversation and puts him behind the bars. He asks Madhu and Bittooji to come along to the location where the murder occured. 

They reach the location and can't find much except for the gun. Madhu is very upset to see RK behind the bars. She is lost in RK's memories when the Jr. Inspector calls up and tells him that they couldn't find sultan's body anywhere and it's easy to get his bail. Madhu sees a ray of hope and she tells this to everyone and along with Bittoji she immediately gets RK's bail. They reach police station with the bail papers and when RK gets to know that they couldn't find his body and there is a possibility of Sultan being alive, RK starts hoping for the same as he would not want to live with the guilt of killing some one. When RK was signing the bail papers, Sr. Inspector Sharma stops him from signing. Everyone is shocked. 

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