RK tries to reconnect with Madhu on Holi #Madhubala Weekly Update – 1st Apr to 6th Apr
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The week began with Sultan, Kaka and Aryan attending a puja. On returning, they find police in the chawl and when Madhu tries to contact Sultan, he cuts the call. Once the police leaves, the trio enters the chawl and when Madhu asks about their whereabouts, Aryan blurts that it’s his mother’s death anniversary. Watch this sequence right here.

Madhu invites Sultan and family for Holi puja and surprisingly he allows Aryan to go. While the puja is going on Aryan and Madhu enjoy together and Sultan observes them from a distance. After the puja he tells Madhu how his wife used to like Holi and wishes that this festival will add some colors in Aryan’s life too. Madhu suggests that Sultan should also add some color to his life him and join in the celebration like the rest. Watch as Sultan begins to open up to Madhu about his past.

Radhaji asks Deepali if she has heard about RK and all wonder why he hasn’t called yet. At that moment RK announces his return and later asks Bittuji for updates on Madhu. But Deepali interrupts and narrates the story of Sultan beating up people on set. She comments on how ‘good looking’ Sultan is and this aggravates RK even more. Watch as RK returns from his outdoor shoot.

Sultan thinks over Madhu’s words and wonders if he should let himself enjoy the moment, RK is also shown thinking about breaking off his marriage with Madhu and the moment when she told him about Sultan. Madhu, at her house, looks over RK’s poster outside the window and cries over her broken relationship. Watch as the three think over their past mistakes in this video.

Next morning, Madhu goes to wish Aryan for Holi and asks him to get ready to play. Aryan first says no but Sultan gives him permission to play and even gifts him a pichkari. In the mansion, Radhaji goes to RK’s room to find him getting ready. On being asked, RK says how it’s Madhu and his first Holi and he wishes to color Madhu before anyone else. Watch as RK gets ready to play Holi with his Biwi.

In the chawl, everyone is seen enjoying Holi and Madhu gives a dance performance on Dholna. After her dance, RK enters the chawl and Madhu, who was talking to Aryan, feels his presence. Aryan wants Sultan to play and Madhu gives him the idea to put color on his father. Aryan goes and sprays pichkari. An amused Sultan runs behind him to put color but ends up putting it on Madhu instead. RK sees Sultan coloring Madhu and feels irritated to know that he has put color on Madhu before him.

Sultan is shown playing the dhol and at that moment even RK enters with one. He pulls Madhu to his side and when Sultan tries to stop, RK warns him saying she’s his Biwi. Sultan and Aryan go inside and Madhu tries to wiggle out of RK’s grip but he forces her to dance with him. Watch RK-Madhu’s passionate performance right here.

RK picks up Madhu and takes her to the side. He tells her how he came here to play Holi with her as it’s only his right to color her first. He then takes a handful of color and puts it on Madhu. In return Madhu, who is lost in RK, also picks up some color and is about to put it on him when she sees Bhujang’s men at the gate and rushes to inform Sultan leaving RK alone. She then puts that same color on Sultan in order to hide him from Bhujang, but RK misinterprets the situation and storms off. Madhu sees him leaving and feels hurt to have come this close to being with RK.  Watch as RK feels betrayed by Madhu.

Sultan kills Bhujang’s men one by one and when they both come face to face, Bhujang puts color in Sultan’s eyes and tries to distract him. But Madhu comes and picks the gun and warns Bhujang to leave. After this commotion is over, chawl residents complain but Madhu tells them how she wanted to save Aryan as he’s just an innocent kid stuck in the wrong situation. Watch as Madhu saves Sultan’s life once again.

Later Sultan decides to leave the chawl and tells Padmini how when he was 8 years old he was picked up from his house by some goons looking for his father. They also killed his mother and to burn her body he had to steal money. In the mansion, Bittuji informs RK about the shootout and he immediately leaves to check on Madhu. Watch Sultan’s back story in this video.

While Madhu is going to Sultan’s room, RK comes and tries to ask her if she’s ok. Irritated, Madhu asks why is he so worried about her and why can’t he let her move on. She explains how she’s trying to go forward in life but he’s just pulling her back, even coming for Holi and stating his rights to color her first. She demands for an explanation but RK stays mum. Watch as RK is unable to express his feelings to Madhu.

Sultan comes to say goodbye to Madhu and asks her if she could favor him by taking responsibility of Aryan once he’s dead. Madhu is stumped by the question and isn’t sure how to answer.

Will RK accept his feelings for Madhu and try to get her back? And will Madhu take up Aryan’s responsibility? Keep watching this space to know more updates!

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