RK’s plan to trap Sultan #Madhubala 26th August
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Madhu is shocked to see RK because all this while she thought it was Sultan. She is flabbergasted to see RK as now RK knows that Sultan is alive, a fact that she has been hiding since many days to protect him. RK is annoyed as he knew that Sultan was alive but he didn't know how and he tortured Madhu. He is upset with Madhu as she was suffering through so much but never shared it with him. Madhu tells him that she was scared of losing him, and RK understands and hugs Madhu. Madhu bursts out crying in RK's arms as she was away from him for so long and was hiding everything. She is relieved that RK knows the truth but at the same time she is scared of Sultan harming him. RK calms her down and explains his plan to her and assures her that now Sultan will never be able to harass her. They wait for Sultan's call, Sultan calls her up and angrily asks her whether she has told everything to RK and Madhu is afraid to talk to him. RK is fuming during the call as he can't digest the fact that he was harassing Madhu for so long. Madhu speaks as per the plan and also calls Sultan to her chawl for dahi handi celebrations, which makes Sultan suspicious about being trapped. Bittooji tries to calm down an irritated Radha who told him that she wants to come back for Janmashtami. Bittoo calls RK up and asks him what to do, and Madhu tells RK to let them come back, so they all leave for home. When they reach home, the house is already decorated for Janmashtami and all preparations have been done. Radha is overwhelmed to see Madhu doing all this and tries to speak to Madhu. Madhu forgets that she still has to act and not stop pretending as that can spoil their plan. RK enters and his cocky tones makes her realize that she still has to act, later he also makes her understand that her face shows everything. Radha feels bad when RK tells everyone that they have to pretend to be a happy family and whatever Madhu did was fake. Radha is hurt and Deepali is happy to see that it is Madhu's last day in the house.

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