Rohan is targeted by Swami Om and his supporter housemates on Bigg Boss 10!
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At the dining table, all are eating when Swami Om expresses his disappointment and says that despite him supporting Rohan on every possible occasion, Rohan treats him badly.


PIC 03


Rohan says, Kyunki tun dogale ho!


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On the other hand, Rohan finds Swami Om’s behavior with double standards and fake. Swami Om loses his cool on hearing Rohan’s answer and continues saying mean things to Rohan. This irks Lopamudra, who asks Swami Om to shut up and let them eat. Swami Om is not someone who would shut up like that and he goes on with his ranting.


Swami Om’s ‘Tit for Tat’ principle!


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According to Swami Om, he gives it back to Rohan only when Rohan is nasty with him. The argument continues and Rohan calls him ‘Paagal insaan’.


Enter Priyanka Jagga


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Priyanka walks in at the very moment and asks Rohan to mind his language. Swami Om announces that Rohan argues with him because he knows that it is the best way to get footage. Lopamudra and Rohan are both shocked at this statement and Lopamudra clarifies that Rohan already has lots of fans.


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Manveer tries to calm Rohan but Rohan is not in a mind to do so nor is Swami Om willing to stop his ranting.


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The argument goes to a different level altogether as other housemates get involved, complicating the whole matter.


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Tune in to Bigg Boss 10 to watch the drama unfold, tonight at 10.30PM!

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