Roli falls into Veeru’s trap- Sasural Simar Ka Weekly Recap 27th March- 2nd April
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After Siddhant’s confession, the whole family was angry with him, but Prem forgave his brother for his mistake. Simar, on the other hand, asked for Prem’s help in finding Roli, as she was sure that she was alive. Naina tried to console Siddhant when he was missing Roli, but Siddhant lost his cool when she referred to Roli’s death. (Watch the scene here)

Roli got memory flashes of Simar but couldn’t remember who she was. She also didn’t believe that Veeru was her husband, inspite of the nurses convincing her otherwise (Watch Roli’s dilemma here)

Khushi encouraged Naina to win the Bharadwaj family’s hearts and get some property as security for her unborn child. Heeding this advice, she tried to get into Simar’s good books, but was rudely turned away. 

Roli remembered her time with Siddhant and told the nurses that she remembered everything, which sent Veeru into panic mode and he decided that he would take Roli out of the hospital before she got her memory back. 

Veeru tried to convince Roli to come with him, but got slapped by Roli when he insisted too much. Veeru nearly slapped her back, but then wove a false story about their marriage, after which, Roli reluctantly agreed to go home with him. (Watch the scene here

In Bharadwaj house, Prem caught Naina and Khushi talking, and became suspicious about Naina’s intentions. To confirm his suspicions, he suggested that Naina gets her check up done by their family doctor. Naina and Khushi tried to wriggle out of the appointment, but Naina finally had to go to the doctor with Siddhant. (Watch as Prem outwits Naina)

Veeru overheard the head nurse expressing her suspicions about him to the doctor, so he decided to sneak Roli out of the hospital without the discharge papers. But when he was caught, he produced the fake documents that he had made, with Roli’s name changed to Vidya. (Watch as Veeru fools the doctor)

Veeru took Roli to the secluded home, and allayed all her suspicions by showing her a morphed photo of them together. He also hired a house help to keep an eye on Roli. (Watch as Veeru convinces Roli)

Naina, with Khushi’s help, managed to avoid getting caught and also procure a fake sonography report. When the family found out that Pari was pregnant, Naina acted hurt and said that no one was paying attention to her even though she was carrying Siddhant’s child. This forced Mataji to promise that she would not let any injustice happen to Naina or her child. (Watch Mataji’s promise here)

With Roli far away from Simar and Siddhant, will they manage to find her? Or will Naina succeed in making a place in Siddhant’s life?


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