Roli finds Shakti alive! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 21st- 27th August
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The whole family was preparing for Pari’s god-bharai ceremony happily, but Sujata’s mood was spoiled when she saw Janhvi taking away the jewellery set meant as Pari’s gift. She told Siddhant about this, but stopped him from talking to anyone about it as it would spoil everyone’s mood. (Watch the scene here)

Simar and Prem joined the celebrations which made everyone happy, but this happiness didn’t last for long as Sujata couldn’t find the jewellery to gift Pari. Siddhant asked Prem to check Janhvi’s room, but the search did not yield anything. The family was shocked when the jewellery box turned up in Sujata’s room, making Prem suspect Sujata’s intentions. (Watch the scene here)

Janhvi created a scene in front of Prem about how hurt she was, and Prem sided with her against Sujata and refused to be a part of the celebrations, and conveyed this to Roli. Simar was heartbroken about not being able to give Pari the earrings she had selected for her, but Roli gifted them to Pari on Simar’s behalf, fulfilling her wish. 

When Mataji found out about their business getting another shop, she decided to give it to Pari’s child, which everyone agreed to. Simar tried to convince Prem about Sujata’s innocence, but Prem was still doubtful. Shobha suggested that they ask Mataji to name some property in Anjali’s name to prove their good intentions, and after some convincing, Prem agreed for the test. (Watch the scene here)

Prem struggled to put this condition in front of Mataji, but finally succeeded in asking Mataji to give the new shop to Anjali. Simar prayed that Mataji would agree, but Mataji refused to do so as she had already promised the shop to Pari’s child. (Watch the scene here)

Dadi and Janhvi were happy about this and discussed taking Prem away from the family permanently, which Simar heard. Mataji apologized to Simar about her tough decision but explained that she did it to stop Prem from leaving the family. 

At night, Shobha got suspicious when she saw that Simar was not in her room, and asked Prem to look for her. When Prem and Shobha went to the terrace to look for her, Roli hid and narrowly avoided being seen with Simar. Shobha questioned Simar about being on the terrace, but couldn’t find anything. (Watch the scene here)

Shobha interrupted Pari while she was praising the gifted earrings and asked her to tell the truth about Simar gifting them. Prem confronted Simar about it and Simar had to confess, giving Shobha a chance to threaten Prem about leaving the house. Simar asked Prem to recognize the goodness of the Bharadwaj family, but was instead asked to choose between Prem and the Bharadwaj family. Simar tearfully chose to go with Prem, which was a victory for Shobha. (Watch the scene here)

Prem’s family got ready to leave and Prem refused to stay back even after Sujata’s pleas, and they left with memories of the family. (Watch the scene here)

Prem and his family came to a small house where Prem promised to find a bigger house soon. Simar and Roli both decided that they would unite the family soon. 

The next day, Roli bumped into a man covered with a blanket while she was out and was shocked to realize that he looked like Shakti. She tried following him but couldn’t catch up with him. 

Shobha and Simar had an argument when Shobha instigated him against the Bharadwaj family when he started looking for a job. When Roli tried telling Siddhant about Shakti, he refused to listen to her, and Roli messaged Simar about the incident instead. 

Roli went to Mataji’s room to look for a picture of the old servant Birju who could give her a clue about what happened on Mataji’s birthday 20 years ago. But when Mataji heard her plans, she had to tell Mataji about seeing Shakti alive. On the other hand, Simar also asked Prem about Shakti’s skeleton on the pretext of doing his ‘shraadh’, and he told her that it was buried behind a temple.

With all these clues, will Simar and Roli find out the truth and reunite the family?

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