Roli goes missing after Veeru shoots her! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 1st-7th May
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The Bharadwaj family was happily preparing to leave for Kishangadh to bring Roli back, unaware of the fact that Veeru was getting ready for his wedding to Roli at the same time. Simar was dejected when she couldn’t find Roli at Veeru’s place, but came to know about the wedding happening at a temple from Veeru’s goons. (Watch as Simar follows Roli’s trail)

After meeting a lot of dead ends, Simar finally tracked Veeru down and stopped the wedding before the pheras.

Simar tried to stop Roli from marrying Veeru by reminding her about her past life, but Roli refused to believe her because of Veeru’s lies. (Watch as Roli is torn between Simar and Veeru)

Veeru managed to prove that Simar was Roli’s sister-in-law and not her sister, and that was the final straw for Roli and she insisted on going ahead with the wedding. 

But in a last ditch effort, Simar pleaded with Roli to remember her last fake wedding with Veeru, and also told her about Siddhant, which made Roli stop in her tracks. 

Veeru finally had enough of Simar’s arguments and pulled out a gun, but this move backfired as Roli was reminded of the time when Veeru had shot Simar, and she got her memory back! (Watch as Roli refuses to marry Veeru)

While Simar was ecstatic to have her Roli back, Veeru was very angry and he demanded that Roli choose Veeru over Siddhant, claiming that he loved her more. Roli shot down his argument by calling him a selfish criminal, and declared that she would never be with him. Incensed by this, Veeru shot Roli, and left her to die in the temple. (Watch the shocking scene here)

Simar was shocked to see Roli bleeding and hurt, and with great difficulty, managed to get her to the hospital. Roli, thinking that her time was limited, wished that she could see Siddhant for one last time. (Watch as an injured Roli apologizes to Simar)

Simar prayed for Roli’s recovery, but when the doctor declared that Roli was dead, Simar couldn’t bear the news and she fainted. (Watch as Simar gets the shocking news)

Finally, Simar called the family to the hospital and gave them the news, and the distraught family rushed to meet her. But Simar, instead of getting support from the family, was in for a shock as the doctor denied that Roli had been admitted to the hospital and declared that Simar was in trauma. (Watch as Simar is cornered by the doctor)

Even the pandit at the temple refused to recognize Simar, which made the family doubt if Simar had ever found Roli.

With Simar fighting a lone battle to bring Roli back, will she be successful? Or Roli’s whereabouts will remain a mystery? 

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