Roli’s Halla Bol! Sasural Simar Ka-21st to 27th November Weekly Review
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This week was all about Roli's plotting against Veeru.Khushi arrived at the hospital to take Gudiya back where she insults Simar and makes her say that Khushi was legally the mother of the baby. When Khushi comes back with the baby, Roli vows to Manoranjan that she would bring the happiness of the family back at any cost. The next day, Manoranjan and Roli step-out to shop for Roli so that she is able to impress the 'mawali' Veeru. After an ellabotrate makeover, Roli finally arrives at the club dressed in a short stylish dresswhere Veeru is nursing his drink . Veeru was shocked to see Roli in this avatar!

Veeru was in for a further shock as Roli danced like a pro in the club but when he approached her, she disappeared. Veeru thought that he was so in love with her that he was seeing her everywhere. So he went home to check if Roli came to the club or not. He found Roli sleeping peacefully and was convinced that he was imagining her. Khushi caught him dreaming about Roli but Veeru convinced her and they made plans about going to a club that night. Siddhant was off to his first day at work and Roli fed him 'dahi-shakkar' for good luck. When Veeru quizzed her about it, she said that things are not always what they seem.

Siddhant reached his office where he met his new secretary, a clumsy girl called Naina who kept falling down and dropping files and the whole staff sympathized with him. Simar tried to give Gudiya her medicine but Khushi sent her away. In the evening, Khushi excitedly got ready in Western clothes as she was happy about going to a club after a long time but Veeru was disinterested.Just as Khushi and Veeru were about to leave, officials of the Child Welfare Association came home and warned Khushi about ill-treating the baby and that next time there is a complaint, she will be in jail.

Roli, in her conversation with Manoranjan, hinted to Veeru that all their luxuries were because of the baby. Veeru, in turn, convinced Khushi sternly that they should cancel the plan to go to the disco. On the other hand, Simar found out that Mataji had called the Child Welfare Association and thanked her for saving her baby. After everyone was asleep, Roli tried to sneak out to go to the club but Siddhant woke up and tried to talk to her. Roli, being distracted by her mission, made him sleep and sneaked off to the club.

Roli reached the club and spotted Veeru. She caught his attention and when he approached her, she ran out of the club, sure that he would follow her. Veeru came out and confronted Roli about her avatar, and Roli revealed that she was a free bird but was tired of the cultured and boring life of the Bharadwaj family. When Veeru offered his friendship, she insulted him by saying that he was living off Khushi, so it was no use befriending him. Back at the house, Siddhant found Roli missing at night and Manoranjan tried to distract him.

Just as Siddhant opened the washroom door and discovered Roli was not there, she appeared in the kitchen. When they were going back to their room, Veeru entered and taunted Siddhant to keep his wife in check.On Dhanteras, Mataji was sad that she couldn't follow the tradition of gifting valuables to her family. Everyone cheered her up an they decided to buy new utensils to continue the tradition.Khushi watched the whole scene unfold and called a jeweller to buy jewellery for her. Roli was scared that Veeru didn't believe her and when Siddhant called her before going to office, she didn't go just to convince Veeru but had tears of guilt in her eyes. 


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