Sana and Sapna’s cat fight!
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  • December 30, 2012
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Unlike every other eviction day, last week's eviction day saw an upheaval of egos inside the Bigg Boss house. Post Aashka's eviction and open nominations in the house with Salman, the antagonistic temperament of the housemates remained at its peak.

Continuing their conversation about being a good Samaritan, Sapna and Sana shifted to the garden area along with the other housemates. While Sapna was advising Sana about learning to maintain relationships with friends (since she had a fight with Karishma over Vishal), Sana replied that there are certain things that she will never be able to make peace with. Hearing what Sana had to say, Sapna advised her to not think too much about her image but instead concentrate on being portrayed as a fair player. Fuming with anger and hatred, Sana broke down after being unable to take Sapna's continuous barbs.

 While Sana's close friends Delnaaz and Rajev did come to calm her down, Sana was still hurt that after reaching so far in the game, there were certain people in the house who still thought she she isn't playing fair.

Looks like, as the finale is approaching, the pressure build up in the house is increasing by the day. We hope we soon see the housemates come together and play the game with all their might by doing their tasks right and not involving themselves in all the unnecessary arguments. 

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