Sanchi is happy, Anandi is tensed #Balika Vadhu 1st July 2013
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Khazan is shocked to hear about Sanchi and Jagya. Khazan talks it out to Anandi and asks her if he should interfere and talk to others about it and tell them that this wouldn’t be right . Sanchi over hears the conversation and she gets angry at Khazan. She talks to him very rudely and tells him to behave like a guest and not to interfere in their family matters. Anandi gets angry at Sanchi and tells her to behave and not talk rudely to Khazan.


Sanchi buys a jacket as a gift for Jagya. Anandi tells her that Jagya wont like it as he doesn’t wear clothes like that. Sanchi again has an argument with Jagya.


Sanchi calls up Jagya and asks him if he is missing her. Jagya tells her that he is missing her care and that she is a nice girl. Hearing this Sanchi gets very happy and she is about to tell Jagya that she has told everyone about her love for him but she stops and doesn’t reveal it to him.


Anandi is tensed and she expresses it to Shiv. Shiv tells her not  to worry as he knows that Jagya will say no to this proposal.



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