Santosh Shukla – Aashka’s back up partner?
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  • November 26, 2012
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It has been about a week since Santosh Shukla has been a part of Bigg Boss' padosi house now. Santosh came inside the house after Imam had petrified Aashka and Nirahua with his rather unpleasant actions. Well, this actor from Lucknow does not seem to be shy of expressing his feelings.

From day one he has been hitting on co-contestant Aashka Goradia in every way possible. Right from passing some sleazy dialogues to imitating weird gestures, Santosh has done it all. This Friday he went to the extent of even jumping into the well to prove his love for Aashka. Even though Aashka has told him that he holds no chance with her inside or outside the house, Santosh doesn't seem to give up. After the well madness, Santosh still refers to himself as her back up partner!

Well. in Aashka's defence, she keeps shooing him off and tells him clearly that he can make the most of his opportunity to hit on her inside the house but she also adds that she'll never be impressed. Santosh pretends to be her true lover and doesn't leave a single stone unturned in expressing his feelings for her. Every now and then he even tries to hold her hand but Aashka maintains her dignity and instructs him to talk from a distance!

Well is Mr. Chandrakanta going to impress the gorgeous Gujju Aashka Goradia? Watch this space for more!

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