Savitri Devi College & Hospital: An interview with Varun Kapoor and Swarda Thigale
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Savitri Devi College & Hospital will go on air on 15th of May. 

We got a chance to speak with the main leads of the show, namely – Varun Kapoor, who is playing Dr.Veer on the show and Swarda Thigale playing Dr. Sanchi.

They both spoke to us about the show and shared few interesting facts.


Read below –


Q: Describe your character in one line.

Swarda – Sanchi's character is like a Gol-Gappa, sweet but little tangy flavor in it. Sanchi is gullible by nature, who also has straight point of views.

Varun – (Laughingly) He is a pest, is notorious. Nothing good about him.



Q: What inspired you to take up the role?

Swarda – It' a very girl next door character which any girl would connect. I liked the simplicity of the character and hence took it up.

Varun – (Again jokingly), There isn't any reason as such. I wasn't finding work anywhere else, and COLORS called me back, hence I am here.



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Q: How well do you related to your character?

Swarda – Like I said it's a girl next door character, I find many resemblances in me and Sanchi. Like at times Sanchi is confused, but manier times she is very clear about her thoughts and is straight forward about what she wants.

Varun – Varun is nothing like Veer. Varun is 100% opposite of what veer is, so yeah there is no resemblance here.



Q: Why should we look forward to watching the show?

Swarda: The most intriguing part about the show is the chemistry, it's an inter-linked chemistry. You cannot guess what's going on exactly, so that's going to keep you thrilled and excited and stuck to the show. The stereotype about doctors always being serious will break.

Varun: (Looking at Swarda) Ek main hun, ek yeh hai, we also have Mohan Kapoor, Sonika and Vikram. The cast is wonderful, show has a wonderful story. The characters will depict the different sides of doctors, who aren't just money minded but even they have their lives that they lead in a way. Even doctors do live like normal people and have 'fun' in their lives.



Only for Varun –

Q: How does it feel, coming back on the show?

Varun – This is my third show with COLORS. The previous two shows worked really well for me and has been a lovely experience so far. I have really learnt a lot! Again coming back on COLORS I feel really ecstatic! It's been just few days, am getting to know in bits and pieces about the character 'Veer'. I am really hoping it does well, and the audience likes my work.

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