Shakti: Saumya to return to the world of Kinnars?
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  • January 25, 2017
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Earlier, Saumya’s friend from the world of Kinnars, Kareena, had come to meet her at Harman’s house. Her mother was hospitalized and so she wanted Saumya’s help. However, due to an uneventful turn of events, Saumya couldn’t help Kareena in her time of need. Furthermore, Varun caused misunderstanding between the two and Kareena firmly believed that Saumya has changed. Unfortunately, Kareena’s mother passed away. A shaken up Kareena decided that she will avenge her mother’s death and drag Saumya back into their world.




Now, Kareena comes with the other Kinnar’s at Harman’s house and announces that she has come to take Saumya with them. Preeto is aghast and decides to handover Saumya to Kareena. However, this time around, Surbhi stands up for her sister and promises to protect her.

Will Surbhi succeed in keeping her promise? Or will Saumya return to the world of Kinnars with Kareena?

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