Shamsher and Padmini’s wedding celebrations begin! Weekly Update – 7th Jan to 12th Jan
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The week began with Balraj entering the chawl and finding out about Padmini and his daughters, Trishna and Madhu’s, existence. He’s shocked to see Padmini and Shamsher together and finds out the duo are getting married. He also spots RK and connects the whole story. Watch as Balraj finds out about his ex-family.

While having dinner, Radhaji suggests RK and Madhu to complete their seven pheras. She urges them to consider her request since now even Madhu’s parents have agreed to tie the knot. Later, RK surprises Madhu and shows her the layout of their new house. Both discuss how they will live their life and promise to be there for each other. Watch as RK and Madhu plan their life ahead.

Balraj calls Trishna to his office and requests her to sign the movie. He offers her Rs. 20 lacs as signing amount and tries to lure her into accepting the offer. Trishna feels confused whether she should follow her dream or no and ponders over the consequences. Watch here to know if Trishna signed the movie.

Balraj then heads to Madhu’s house and pretends to have come to meet RK. While drinking water, Balraj purposely breaks the glass and when Madhu is looking away he attempts to kill her with the broken glass. Watch as Balraj tries to kill Madhu.

RK calls in a lawyer and makes changes in his will. He arranges to leave money in everyone’s name including Deepali. Both Madhu and RK then share an emotional moment wherein they decide to lead a simple and beautiful life with each other. Watch this special moment of RK and Madhu in this video

Mehendi celebrations begin in the chawl and Madhubala and Trishna together perform on Navrachi from English Vinglish. Madhu then puts mehendi of RK’s name and ponders over Radhaji’s suggestion to remarry RK. She then goes to meet RK on sets and sees him shooting a romantic scene with the actress and feels awkward. Watch this sequence right here.

At home, Deepali comes to RK’s room and enquires him about Madhu. RK then taunts her how she was proven wrong and Madhu actually loves him and not his stardom and is ready to leave everything behind for him. Deepali then suggests him to rethink as she sees Madhu standing behind listening to their conversation. RK tries to explain but Madhu doesn’t listen. Watch their conversation in this video.

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