Shani to bring Surya Dev on right path using his Vakra Drishti
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  • March 8, 2017
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The story of Shani is getting extremely interesting now, with the new track where Shani sets out on his mission to become the ‘Karm phal data’ for the humankind giving the right dues to everyone depending on the causes they have created, he vows to never misuse the powers he has received from Mahadev and do his duty earnestly.





However, he comes across his own father ‘Surya dev’ who has deviated from his path with the immense arrogance of his position and authorities. Shani determines to do justice for this as well, irrespective of him being his father he decides to keep an eye on him and bring him on the right track.

With all due respect he reaches out to Surya, he knows his father is drowned in overconfidence and wouldn’t listen to him otherwise. Shani decides to use his father’s arrogance in way that makes him realize his own mistakes.  He requests Surya dev to give him a position from where he can always keep an eye on his father. Surya dev agrees to it, but is unaware about everything else.

What will happen next?

Can you guess?

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