Shiraz Irani’s jugalbandi with Farah Khan
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  • October 27, 2012
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IGT resident belly dancer Shiraz Irani showed everyone that curves are back and size doesn't matter when it comes to dancing. In her audition itself she floored everyone with her extraordinary moves and when the time came to face-off with two other Belly Dancers, Rita and Madhuri, Shiraz won it hands down or hips up if you may please! Her split in the face-off performance especially, stunned the judges and then and there she made her way to the semis.

Now in the second semi final we would yet again see Shiraz perform as she dons the role of Menaka who is trying to woo Vishwamatra with her sexy belly dancing moves. The Pune-based girl is more than excited to perform in front of Farah Khan and considers herself and expresses this in front of the ace choreographer. But her excitement and happiness doubles up when Farah herself comes on stage to praise her for her dance and to-* learn a few tips! Sonakshi Sinha, who is also on the sets to promote Son of Sardaar, congratulates Shiraz for her awesome performance and comes on stage to join the two dancing ladies.

This inspires KJo to request the three ladies to do a belly dance jugalbandi. The trio has immense fun belly dancing together while our two anchors posed as Vishwamitras. It was a treat for sure!  Don't believe us? Why not have a sneak-peek of the jugalbandi here!


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