Shiv surprises Anandi after a fight! #Balika Vadhu Weekly Recap – 22nd Apr to 27th Apr
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The week began with Chhoti Maa playfully locking Anandi and Shiv in their room, asking them to talk to each other. Later, Anandi tried her hand at making a cake to surprise Shiv, but had a difficult time hiding it from him. Watch Anandi’s efforts here. Saanchi, on the other hand, tried to spoil the cake by increasing the oven temperature. 

Jagya and Ganga came closer as he gifted her radio and also took her to the village fair with Mannu and Nandu. Watch their experience here

Saanchi’s efforts of embarrassing Anandi failed as Anandi covered up the burnt cake and got appreciated for her efforts by the entire family. Watch as Shiv enjoys Anandi’s surprise.

But this happy moment was disturbed as Shiv had to leave to attend to a bridge collapse. Shiv spent the whole day at the hospital, managing the situation and even donated blood to one of the victims. 

Anandi was worried as Shiv had not returned till late at night, and Shiv was touched by her concern. Watch the moment as Anandi misses Shiv.

Jagya decided to take Ganga to the hospital to learn nursing on the job, and was impressed with her skills. He also consoled her when she got scared of attending to wounded patients. Watch as Jagya teaches Ganga.

Anandi shut off Shiv’s alarm as she thought that he needed to rest after a tiring day, but this did not go down well with Shiv who yelled at her in front of the whole family for making him rest when he was dealing with a disaster. Watch Shiv and Anandi’s first fight here

Anandi broke down as she was ashamed of her irresponsible behaviour but Shiv’s mother consoled her and made her realize that her love for Shiv had made her do it. 

Meanwhile, Shiv too, realized his mistake and wanted to apologize to Anandi but couldn’t as he got caught up in work. So he called up his mother and asked her to do a favour, which she happily agreed for. 

Later, the ladies of the house took Anandi to a clothing store, and asked her to try on a few dresses on the pretext of buying them for a relative whose size was similar to Anandi. Finally, after trying on lots of dresses, they ended their shopping spree. Watch as a bewildered Anandi helps Meenu.

Shiv still shared cold vibes with Anandi during dinner, which made her think that he hadn’t forgiven her yet.

After dinner, Anandi tries to apologize to Shiv but he still behaves indifferent. He then hands her some papers to keep in cupboard but purposely drops them and blames Anandi for being clumsy. He then asks her to pick it up and read and Anandi is shocked to find flight tickets in the envelope. Watch as Shiv surprises Anandi with a honeymoon package!  


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