Shivangi’s ‘Maa Durga’ Avatar Will Put An End To Evil On ‘Naagin 2’
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  • February 4, 2017
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Tonight’s episode will be really engrossing to watch, as Shivangi will eventually take that ultimate step to put an end to all the wrong and negatives happening around her. Especially for the sake of her love, Rocky, Shivangi will be seen taking a huge step. The commitment that she carries for him will actually give her the courage to take revenge from Mahish and whatever he has done to Rocky.


Shivangi will be blessed to get the powers of the almighty, as she will turn into Goddess Durga avatar. As this will be the only way to put an end to the bad, that has created the entire ruckus all around.
In fact not just that, even Sesha will come forward and join hands with Shivangi to save Rocky.


Will their prayers be heard? Will this be the end of Mahish, and he will be destroyed forever?
Watch Naagin 2, Sat-Sun at 8:00 PM to know everything!

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