Siddhant confronts Jhumki! Sasural Simar Ka Recap 19th-25th June
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The week began with good news for the Bharadwaj family as Prem announced that the court had given Khushi and Veeru 7 days to prove that Roli hadn’t returned or they would be thrown out of the house. Khushi declared that they would expose the fake Roli and get the house back. 

Jhumki was angry with Simar as she had kept Bantu in the store room, but when Simar showed her the proof of Khushi and Veeru looking for Bantu, she calmed down. (Watch as Jhumki throws a tantrum)

But Simar’s worst fears came true as Khushi and Veeru caught Bantu and called the police, declaring that Bantu was a thief. Jhumki was unable to take the policeman’s rude behaviour towards Bantu and blurted out that she knew him. Simar and Bantu handled the situation by telling everyone that Bantu had rescued Roli after the accident, and Veeru and Khushi’s plan was foiled. (Watch as Simar and Jhumki save Bantu)

Just as Simar, Jhumki and Bantu were discussing the event, Siddhant came in and became friends with Bantu. When the family discovered that Bantu had no family, they decided to let him stay in the Bharadwaj house. Jhumki got a call from the mandali performer, who requested her to perform in the Delhi show or they would go bankrupt, which put Jhumki in a dilemma. On the other hand, Siddhant and Bantu bonded big time, but Siddhant was puzzled when Bantu mistakenly referred to Jhumki by her real name. (Watch Bantu’s gaffe here)

Simar noticed Jhumki’s worry and asked her about it, and also advised her not to think about her nautanki till the court hearing.When Siddhant narrated the story about Bantu referring to Roli as Jhumki, the rest of the family laughed, but Veeru and Khushi were convinced that Jhumki the nautanki girl was the imposter, and decided to expose her. 

Jhumki was worried abut her group and decided to go and meet the other members, but Veeru and Khushi were already there, trying to gather evidence against Jhumki. Veeru and Khushi confirmed that their suspicion about Jhumki was correct, but narrowly missed running into Jhumki as she got a call from Simar. (Watch as Khushi’s suspicion is confirmed)

Prem was livid when he found that Jhumki was planning to perform at the nautanki, but Simar requested him to allow her as Jhumki’s nautanki group was in trouble. Simar, Prem and Jhumki left for the venue, after which Veeru and Khushi planted the nautanki tickets in the family, and led the family to believe that Roli had gifted them the tickets. (Watch as the family decides to attend the nautanki)

At the nautanki venue, Prem and Simar were shocked to see the whole family turn up for the performance, but they had no way to warn Jhumki about the performance, so Simar resorted to praying to God to save them. (Watch as Prem and Simar go into panic mode)

Just as Khushi and Veeru were celebrating their victory, the lead dancer removed her ghoonghat, revealing that she was not Jhumki. Veeru and Khushi were angry about their last shot at exposing Jhumki being taken away from them, but Simar and Prem were relieved.

But Jhumki was in another kind of trouble as Siddhant caught her in her Jhumki avatar and screamed at her for playing with hisfamily’s feelings by pretending to be Roli for her own profit. Jhumki tried to explain, but Siddhant was in no mood to listen. (Watch as a livid Siddhant confronts Jhumki)

 When Simar came to check on Siddhant, he told her the truth about Jhumki, but was left devastated when Simar revealed that she had brought Jhumki as Roli to save the family property. Siddhant was delivered a double blow as Prem also confessed to knowing Jhumki’s reality. He was angry at Prem and Simar for hiding the truth from him and decided to tell the family about Jhumki. (Click here to watch Siddhant's heartbreak)

With Siddhant’s heart broken over Jhumki’s reality, will Jhumki stay on in the Bharadwaj family or will Simar’s plan be in danger?

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