Siddhant divorces Roli amidst high drama! (16th-22nd Jan Weekly Recap)
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This week was a test for Roli as she had to convince the family that she wanted a divorce from Siddhant. 

After handing the divorce papers to Roli, Veeru had an argument with Khushi, who was trying to sweet-talk her way out of signing the property papers. After that, he also went up to Roli and confirmed that she would indeed get rid of Siddhant. Roli called Manoranjan on the terrace to discuss the divorce papers but she couldn't come as she was caught up in the family's tension of Siddhant not returning home from office. When Manoranjan Mausi finally made her way to the terrace, Roli collapsed in her arms and told her about the divorce papers, leaving her speechless. But when she recovered from the shock, Manoranjan boosted Roli's spirits by telling her that she couldn't back out of their 'dharamyuddh' against Khushi and Veeru

Siddhant, after crying through the day in office, finally decided to leave but encountered Naina in the dark as the lights were out. She thought Siddhant was a thief and was about to thrash him when he shut her up. But Simar and Prem saw Siddhant close to Naina and said that they wanted to talk to him. Simar tried to convince Siddhant to give Roli another chance but Siddhant snapped at her and said that their marriage was over, leaving Simar distraught. Naina, who overheard this conversation, realized that Siddhant was married, but decided that she would continue to love and support him as before. After going home, Simar tried talking sense into Roli by telling her that her actions would make her lose Siddhant, but she was met by Roli's silence.

The next day, Siddhant returned home, after having decided to give Roli another chance. But before he could tell her that, Roli handed him the divorce papers in front of the family, giving another shock to the family! Mataji slapped her and ther rest of the family too, berated her for leaving Siddhant. But Roli stuck to her decision despite everyone's pleas. Finally Simar broke down, and screamed at Roli to tell the truth behind all this drama. Roli refused, and unable to take it anymore, Siddhant walked out after snatching the divorce papers from Roli's hand.

Khushi and Veeru found out about Roli's decision because of all the commotion, and Veeru was convinced of Roli's love for him. He complimented Roli on her quick action, and promised that the property would soon be theirs. Siddhant stormed off to his office, where he snapped at Naina for disturbing him when she asked about the conference. Siddhant and Roli both spent the day in each others' memories, but when faced with each other at dinner, Siddhant walked off from home, only to return the next morning. 

He announced that he was ready to hand Roli the divorce papers, only if she gave him her mangalsutra, as it was the true symbol of their marriage. When he tried to grab the mangalsutra, Roli stopped him, and Siddhant assumed that she still cared about their relationship. In a moment of weakness, Roli was about to confess but removed her mangalsutra as she saw Veeru walk in. She handed it back to a stunned Siddhant, and asked him to grant her a divorce immediately. In a fit of anger, Siddhant signed the divorce papers, and left after handing them to Roli. Siddhant tried to throw the mangalsutra away, but couldn't as he still loved her. Back home, Roli broke down in front of Mausiji as she was guilty about hurting Siddhant. Mausiji consoled her, and assured her that she would tell Siddhant the truth when their plan was successful.

With Siddhant signing on the divorce papers and the whole family being against Roli, the next week will tell us if her sacrifices are worth it and if she gets the property back from Veeru. 


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