Six Keeda Full Challenges Posed By Arjun in the Semi-FInale Week
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With just a week left to go for the finale, khiladis fought hard to make it to the finale week. Here are the six keeda full challenges posed by Arjun this week. 


Agneepath: The first stunt of week 9 was called Agneepath. The stunt required the contestants to dive inside a swimming pool which was set ablaze and unhook the five glow sticks placed inside it. Once all the five glow sticks wee unhooked, the khiladis had to then swim to the finish line for the completion of the stunt. Total time given for the stunt was 5 minutes. First up was Raghav, followed by Sana and Mukti. Raghav could only unhook five glow sticks, whereas Sana and Mukti both unhooked all five. Raghav took 5 minutes, whereas Sana took 2:48 seconds, as she miscalculated the number of glow sticks and Mukti completed the stunt in 56 seconds. Sana and Mukti saved themselves from the fear fanda.


Chal Meri Dhanno: This stunt was performed by Sidharth and Parvathy. In this stunt, the contestants had to run behind a horse carriage which had a long net attached to it, and climb on top of it. Each khiladi was given three attempts to climb on top of the net. Once, they did, they had to grab the ticket to the finale which was stuck on the back of the seat. The one to complete the stunt in the shortest possible time saved themselves from the elimination round. Parvathy went up first followed by Sidharth. While Parvathy finished the stunt in 33 seconds, Sidharth took only 6 seconds to complete the stunt. Sidharth saved himself from the fear fanda.


Elimination stunt or Kismat Ka Taala: This elimination stunt was performed by Parvathy and Raghav. For this stunt, the contestants were suspended mid air and had four boxes attached along length of their body which had keys inside it. The first box was to be opened with the keys given to the contestants, and then the next box with key found in the first. In the fourth box, there was a flag placed which once pulled out by the khiladis indicated the end of the stunt. While Parvathy took 53 seconds to complete the stunt, Raghav just took 21 seconds. Parvathy got eliminated after this stunt.


Stunt at Cabildo Square: This next stunt was performed in the Cabildo Square in Argentina. The stunt required the khiladis to hold onto a platform which was suspended mid air without falling. While, the khiladis held onto the platform, the platform rotated and its speed steadily increased. Vivian went first followed by Mukti and Raghav. Raghav saved himself from the fear fanda by staying on the platform for 2:53seconds, while Mukti stood for 1:27 seconds and Vivan for 1:24 seconds.


Illaka tera dhamaka mera :This stunt was performed in pairs. While Tanishaa was paired with Sidharth, Vivan was paired with Sana. A bus was suspended mid air, while the men were hanging from suspension above the bus, the women were suspended below it. The stunt required the men to climb down using a ladder to a point just below the bus, then using a chain lower the girls so that they would touch the ground, and then climb down themselves. Once both the partners climbed down, they had to unhook each other, run to a pile of mud and search and assemble the three parts of a handle. Once this was done, they had to run to the detonator, place the handle on top and press it. As soon as the detonator was pressed, the bus fell to the ground and burst into flames. The ones to compete the stunt first, won it. Sidharth and Tanishaa won this stunt and made their way straight into the finale, while Sana and Vivan were sent into the elimination round.


Quadi no. 9211: Vivan, Vivian and Sana participated in this elimination stunt. A cage was placed inside a swimming pool, with one half under water and the other half above it. Each of the khiladis had to free themselves from inside the cage by unlocking the three locks placed at the three different sides of the cage. While, the contestants tried opening the locks, the cage continuously rotated 360 degrees with the contestants also moving along with it. Once all the three locks were opened, the participants had to swim to the edge of the pool and touch the finish line. Vivan went first followed by Sana and Vivian. Whiel Sana finished the stunt in 2:57 seconds, Vivian finished in 3:52 seconds and Vivan finished the stunt in 4:24 seconds, thus getting eliminated.

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