Some Heart – Warming Moments From Last Weekend
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Rising Star is a show where people from all walks of life come to participate, so there are bound to be moments which induce a range of emotions. These people come with hopes and dreams of turning their passion into something more. To prove that they are great at what they do and make their voices be heard. For most of them, it is their life. Music is what drives them. The universal love for music binds us as people, it connects our souls in a way that brings us closer together. Last weekend, this very love for music gave us some beautiful moments that made our hearts happy –




Vikram Jeet Singh’s love for music knows no bounds. It is equally as important to him, as serving his country. It brought him all the way to Mumbai to participate in Rising Star. Last weekend, Vikram Jeet was surprised with a LIVE video chat with his wife. The joy on his face when he saw her was amazing to look at. His wife revealed that he always sings songs for her when they’re together. Our experts and audience couldn’t help but ask him to sing a song for his wife in front of everyone. Vikram Jeet, without hesitation, proceeded to sing his heart out, as he performed ‘Sajna Tere Bina’. Everyone cheered and Vikram Jeet couldn’t stop smiling after the performance. His wife made him promise to win the competition for her and signed off with the words ‘I love you!’




Shankar Mahadevan is a person known to have a big heart, as we have witnessed number of times on the show so far. On Sunday night, after Diljot Qawwali Group and Ankita Kundu performed, Shankar was in awe and couldn’t stop praising them. He told Ankita that she sang the song ‘Kajra Re’ better than the original singer did and also praised Diljot Qawwali group for the beautiful arrangement. Right after that, he told them that it didn’t matter if they won that night or no, he will be signing them on to sing the title song for an upcoming movie which he will be working on. Diljot Qawwali Group and Ankita Kundu were overjoyed and they could not contain their excitement as they were still having a hard time believing what had just happened.


For many more such moments, stay tuned and keep watching ‘Rising Star’.

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