Spoiler Alert: What is the next hurdle that Simar and family will face?
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There is no end to Simar’s troubles. With Indravati entering the picture, Simar’s entire family is under constant threat. Indravati who is hell bent on finding the magician woman is in no mood for excuses. Simar on the other hand is trying her best to locate her but is unable to do so. Indravati decides to take matters in her own hands and seeing an opportunity replaces the sacred thread on Prem’s hand with another which has black magic done on it. Prem who is now under Indravati’s control reveals all that is happening in the house. Amar is next on Indravati’s hit list. But when she goes to touch him, she gets a jolt and sees that Amar is wearing a sacred locket that is protecting him from her black magic. Now Indravati desperation reaches an all new level.


She starts thinking of ways of getting rid of the locket so that she can have Amar also under her spell. Seeing a bike in front of her, she quickly waves her hand and diverts it towards Amar who in a bid to avoid collision loses his balance. His locket falls and Indravati jumps towards him and catches hold of his neck.


Now that Amar's sacred locket has fallen down, how will he escape Indravati’s grip? Will Indravati’s plans finally succeed or will Amar foil her plans? 

To find out what happens next, don’t forget to watch Sausural Simar Ka, Mon –Sat, 7:30 PM. 

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