Step aside, Raghu Jadhav is here!
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  • July 23, 2019
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Fondly known as Raghu bhau, this 24-year-old is certainly someone you cannot mess with. Hailing from Dashrath Chawl, Dombivali, Raghu is someone who is extremely dear to his mother Savitribai! Post his 10th standard, Raghu now supports his mother enthusiastically in the money extortion business!

His funda is life is very simple – ‘jiyo life toh aapun ke style mein’. He is someone who detests the idea of falling in love because as per him, love makes an individual weak and as a person, Raghu is anything but weak. The one he can go miles for, the one who is his only strength and weakness is his mother Savitribai. But what happens when Dhanak enters his life? Can’t wait to find out right? We can’t either!







Tune in to Gathbandhan 15th January onwards at 9 pm to know more!

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