Sultan threatens Madhu #Madhubala Wednesday, 31st July, 2013
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Madhu is shocked when Sultan picks her up and gets her to the broken house. Sultan tells her to give RK divorce if she wants to see him alive.. Madhu gets traumatized. She is in the state of shock while Radha and Padmini console her. She tells everyone about Sultan but Joshi doesn't believe her and tries to make her understand that Sultan is no more alive so she should stop thinking about it. She gets annoyed on Joshi. Padmini tells her to calm down but she is not able to as she is too worried for RK. 

The new lawyer of RK, Deshmukh, and Joshi tell RK to keep Madhu away from the case as she has already weaken it by bribing Marathe and spreading the buzz of Sultan being alive. RK doesn't react on anything.

Madhu is not able to overcome the threat of Sultan and he again calls her up and asks her if she has decided to give divorce to RK. Madhu shouts on him saying that he can't do anything to RK as her love and blessing of Bappa is with her RK. Sultan laughs at her and tells her to wait and watch. Madhu is shocked.

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