Sultan’s condition to Madhu #Madhubala, 16th July 2013
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Madhu wakes up in the morning and doesn't see RK around; she gets scared and starts looking out for him in the room. Suddenly RK and Madhu bump into each other and are relieved to see each other. RK assures her that he is all fine and he is going on shoots. Madhu is still worried about the entire thing. 

RK is trying to be normal but he is still angry with Radha and speaks to her very rudely while leaving. Radha is hurt and Madhu notices everything and feels bad for Radha. 

When RK enters set we see media rushing towards him. He is not reacting on their questions but after a point he loses his temper and hits a journalist. Bittooji some how manages and takes him away from there.  

When RK enters in the house he sees everyone watching news which is showing the press conference done by Meera and Rashid. Everyone is shocked to see all this on television. RK is fuming in anger. 

While everyone is watching the news Madhu gets a call and she is shocked to know that it’s Sultan. Sultan tells Madhu to leave RK and he will stop everything. Sultan asks her to meet him near RK's new set and hangs up. 

RK gets to know its sultan. He yells at Madhu asking what did he say. Madhu tells him everything and now RK loses all his control. Madhu calms her down and tells him that it’s his trap. RK stops only because he realizes that for the first time Madhu has spoken against him. Madhu tells RK to ignore and stay away from all this.


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