Swami Om ‘pisses’ off the housemates on Bigg Boss 10!
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  • December 6, 2016
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Swami Om’s uncouth behavior has always been a subject of botheration for housemates. He is a super entertainer, no doubt, but he has managed to create trouble for others on numerous occasions.


Swami Om is at it again!






Tonight, while the BB Taxi Stand task is on, Swami Om wants to use the washroom. Bani and Manveer tell him that the fare is 100 rupees, as fixed by the traffic police, Priyanka. Swami Om feels that it is an exorbitant amount and begins to bargain. The taxi drivers have to follow rules and hence they are not willing to bargain.




What he does next, is simply unimaginable!




PIC 32


Swami Om tells the housemates that he will attend to his nature’s call in his own manner and he actually does. He takes a mug and pees right there in the mug!


To know how the housemates react to Swami Om’s antics, don’t forget to tune in to Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 10.30PM!
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