Ten things that we did not know about Anil Kapoor
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This week, one of the most versatile actors of Bollywood shared space with Anupam Kher on The Anupam Kher Show.

We know him as Mr. India, Lakhan, Jai Singh Rathor, Raju, Raaj and many more. Yes, you guessed it right! He is none other than Anil Kapoor. Whether it be national or international fame, Anil Kapoor has stayed humble all his life. He is known for his modesty and honesty among his bollywood peers and in the media.

here is a look at some of the interesting facts from Anil Kapoor's life.  Take a peek into the life of Mr. India and learn about his journey in the world of cinema.

Chembur Ka Chokra – Many of us still don’t know Anil Kapoor’s origin. He was based in Chembur before he entered Bollywood. He considered himself an ordinary chembur boy when he dreamt of making it big as an actor.

First Steps in Bollywood – His stint in Bollywood was not an easy one. He was not a son of any established actor and hence his struggle in the industry was mired with difficulties.In the initial days he started by doing odd production jobs. He used to perform errands assigned to him like dropping the stars to airport and waking them in the mornings for shoots. He revealed that waking up Mithun Da was the most difficult task for him.

Self description – One wouldn’t believe what Anil Kapoor described himself as! He tagged himself as a labor coming from a labor class. We bow down to your modesty sir!

Anil’s favorite kid– it would be easy for people to assume that he is closest to Sonam because of all the public appearances they make together and their industry connect factor. To our surprise, Anil has a different take on this notion. He said his favorites keep on changing. Some days he feel Sonam is his favorite or other days it is either Rhea or Harsh.

 ‘Jhakkas’ is the word AK is allergic to– We have at some point of time considered Anil's style to be ‘Jhakkasss’ He never thought this would become so popular and almost a part of his identity. He absolutely abhors this tag and has moved past it now. He likes to keep his fans happy and feels elated when young fans imitate his Jhakkas style and dance to 'Aee Jee O Jee'.

 AK’s Love Life– AK is married to his long time beau Sunita. Initially anil was hesitant to commit to Sunita which angered sunitas parents but One fine day he changed his mind and decided to take the plunge and married her. They are one of the few Jodis in Bollywood to  have had such a successful marriage and we hope that this couple stays blessed forever.

His memories about bringing back the Mr.india watch in his life – When Anupam Kher asked a hypothetical question to the ‘Mr India’ actor, that if he were given a chance, what he would do with the Mr. India’s famous watch in real life; the actor replied saying that he would use the watch to bring back his mother and his wife’s mother.oh.. Such a wonderful thought, we must say!

Stalker Anil kapoor–  He stalked Subhash Ghai for a role in his movie Krodhi. Needless to say, he lost out the role to Sachin Pilgaonkar. However, years later, he went on to play the lead in some of Ghai's classic movies like 'Meri Jung', 'Ram Lakhan and Taal'. 

Surprised comparison– The actor also mentioned that he was really surprised when people started comparing him to Amitabh Bachchan just after two movies. Be it films or TV, Anil has grown to become an inspiration for many. 

His working experience with today’s generation – He says he is a part of that generation of today i.e Ranbir,Ranveer and Arjun.He considers them as friends and colleagues and has learnt alot from them in terms of hard work, sincerity and organisational skills.

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