Teni comes in as a new twist, in the story of ‘Dil Se Dil tak’
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There was a wave of happiness after knowing that Shorvari is pregnant, however the happiness didn’t stay for too long. Parth’s grandfather said that the only reason he stopped Parth and Shorvari from going to America was because of humanity and that he would do the same with anybody else who would be in place of Shorvari.





Last night’s episode also showed how there was a celebration in the house for Jalpa’s godbharaayi but the dancers didn’t turn up for their performance. That was the time when Teni walked in, she was dressed as a waitress but she mentioned she could help as she dances really well. Looking at the situation Parth had to say a yes. However people in the house didn’t really like her ways. Somewhere Parth had the gut feeling that the girl would create some or the other problem.





Later during the night Shorvari expressed how she wanted to go to the same temple where Jalpa Bua tied the ‘Mannat ka jhula’, next morning Parth and Shorvari visit the same temple. As Parth tried to tie the jhula he had to leave it half way as he got distracted looking at Shorvari, whose dupatta caught fire.


In the meanwhile, Teni also visited the same temple but since she didn’t have money she couldn’t buy herself the jhula. Looking at the jhula that was half tied she felt happy and thanked God for giving her a way out. She tied the  jhula completely.

What happens next? Can you guess?

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