Testing times for Bhoomi in Sanskaar
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  • March 26, 2013
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After coming to India to be with her loving husband Kishan, Bhoomi is facing the heat of her decision. The Vaishnav family, unaware of Kishan’s wedding to Bhoomi, has not been the most welcoming lot. And since Kishan’s marriage to Bhoomi means breaking Ansu Baa’s promise of getting Bharti married to him, Bhoomi is facing resistance from Ansu Baa too.

This means that the coming days will be a testing time for Bhoomi. She faces the double challenge of living up to the Vaishnav family’s expectations from a bahu, all while trying to adjust to her new life in India. And in the near future, she will be put to the test (literally) by Ansu Baa. 

Now every bahu of the Vaishnav family (except Ketki, of course) is a perfect example of the ideal bahu. All the daughters-in-law of the family have been moulded under Ansu Baa’s keen eyes. And to ensure that Bhoomi too is made of ideal bahu material, Ansu Baa will make her prove herself worthy in front of the whole family.

We’re sure that this will be a tough challenge for Bhoomi, especially when she is pitted against Bharti, who has already made her place in Ansu Baa’s heart.Though she has Kishan by her side during these trying times, we think that this is one challenge that Bhoomi will have to face alone. 

Talking about this challenge, Shamim, who plays Bhoomi on the show, says,”Bhoomi has come to India, but what lies ahead for her is really nerve-wracking. Even I get a little tensed when I think about my on-screen fate.”

So Bhoomi has her work cut out for her. Will she prove to be a good bahu, or will she succumb to the pressure and return to the US in 15 days as per her mother’s forecast? Only time will tell.

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