The Indiawale team hit a new notch at the arguments on Bigg Boss
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  • November 5, 2016
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Tonight’s Weekend ka Vaar will be full of twists. Up until now we were well aware about the two groups in the house- The Celebrities and Indiawale. But tonight we will see a rift cropping up in the Indiawale team.


PIC 25


Salman asks the team member, Manveer who would he hold responsible for the unity within the team being shaky and he replies with two names – Swami Om and Nitibha.


PIC 29


PIC 44


On the other hand Nitibha and Swami Om opine that Manu and Manveer are both extremely dominating and aggressive. They don’t listen to anyone in the team. Swami Om even says that they are responsible for creating troubles between him and the Celebrity’s team.


PIC 46


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Word bashing is going to be the supper tonight in the Bigg Boss house! Tune in to watch Weekend ka Vaar at 9PM!


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